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Birthday List

Buy me a:

A Cambridge Satchel Bag (same as last year)
Kate Spade Flatiron Nylon Cammy in Apple Print
An NHL.com Gamecenter Live Account
A Blue-Ray player (for all my Marvel movies)
A new Polaroid Camera (coz the old one's busted.

... heh.


Me: This means, there's going to be someone out there casted as Soujirou.

Bro: It's going to be a Johnny's isn't it?

Me: ...



"The murmur was the kind of restrained and unenthusiastic applause one normally only hears in England on sleepy sunny Sunday afternoons, at village cricket matches."

Neil Gaiman, Neverwhere.

Best description of applause I've read anywhere.


March 8

Today is International Women's Day.

I was just watching a report on the local news network about the percentage of women who are in upper management. Obviously, the panelists, from a group that advocates for more women to be in upper management would point out that women in my country are, "Holding back from seeking higher management position." citing a Mckinsey report.

All right, point given to you. of course, women who have free mind and potential for such roles who choose to want to become mothers to their children instead of seeking to "move up in the world" are not worth salt. Of course, also, discount our basic social norms where women are more likely homemakers. Now, I'm not talking about prejudices of women not being ABLE to move into upper management, but women who make an INFORMED CHOICE not to do so.

The hosts then asks, how about women who work in an industry that has a higher percentage of women employees? An industry that's more women dominated?

The panelist goes on to say (and I am paraphrasing), "If you are speaking about retail, then yes there could be a higher percentage of women holding upper management positions. But in listed companies the percentage are still lower."

... i have problems.

1) Taking for granted that retail is a more women-powered industry is wrong. it's CONSUMERS are more women-oriented, in that women spend more, and more often and are more often open to marketing messages and changes in their brand loyalty. We are the targets in that industry. However, upper management of listed retail companies are also NOT necessarily women.

2) Small medium enterprises, as spoken by a recent parlimentary member, are the backbone of our country. In an SME run by a woman , she is upper management and makes all the big decisions of the company. It sounds like you think naught of SMEs and only women who are holding positions in power in listed organisations are worth our time. Well, thanks a lot.

Needless to say, I was not impressed.


The Hour

Currently watching Season 2 of The Hour.

Part of my currently-going-through-Ben-Whishaw's-entire-filmography project. There's something quite strange (fascinating!) about this boy. Perhaps he's part fey? I digress. (Don't be alarm, I've done this with a number of actor/actresses. Benedict Cumberbatch, was another. Although I could never, NEVER stomach Atonement. too much.)

Although all the clothes are fantastic. I find myself looking through the patterns of Romola Garai's blouses. Maybe I'll start making a few :)


just wanted to put this out there..

kisses for all of you!